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  • Shirley Ann Parker

    Shirley Ann Parker

    UK emigrant to USA. Interests: Wildlife, people, mental health, religion. Help me tear down society’s abuses. https://shirleyannparker.medium.com/membership

  • Sarah Miller

    Sarah Miller

    I am applying the experience of decades in energy journalism to help you navigate the energy and social transitions of our times.

  • Holly Case

    Holly Case

    Holly Case is a writer and wannabe therapist living in Texas. I’m obsessed with making the world a kinder place. 5X Top Writer in Parenting and Feminism.

  • Wes O'Donnell

    Wes O'Donnell

    Multi-Branch Veteran | Military & Global Security writer for War is Boring, GENmag, OneZero, Edge | Law Student at WMU | TEDx Speaker | Dad to 3 | Hates nukes

  • Benjamin Heidinger

    Benjamin Heidinger

    25, Student, Investor

  • Patrick


  • JK Mill

    JK Mill

    Erotica writer. Top Writer in Short Story and Fiction. I love claps and comments!

  • Catherine Keffer Grimbly

    Catherine Keffer Grimbly

    I love to read. I love to learn. I love to share what I learn especially if it helps someone else.

  • Erlend Halvorsen

    Erlend Halvorsen

  • Steve Laughlin

    Steve Laughlin

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