Denial Is The River of Trump

Trump is calling foul, threatening legal action while demonstrating that he doesn’t know how to lose after the election is called.

I’ve been picking up on and reading news reports like this one from The Hill. In that report, we learn that Trump is really unhappy that we’re still counting votes after the election. I guess he forgot that part of his victory in 2016 was dependent on votes counted after the polls closed. Maybe he even forgot that George W. Bush won his first election in 2000 on post-election ballot counting and that Bush’s team discovered:

“…the striking effectiveness of the Republican effort to convince local election officials to count invalid ballots in Bush counties and not count them in Gore counties.”

I guess that might explain why The Hill observed during Trump’s remarks the morning after Election Day that:

Trump contradicted himself at times, arguing votes should still be counted in Arizona, where he is trailing, but not in states where he is leading.

Seems to me like Trump is rather keen on replicating Bush’s success in 2000, this year. He wants the judges he picked to hand him his victory as if he was still really wanted around this year. To their credit, the SCOTUS Blog for the Supreme Court, had this to say on Twitter:

For those dreading, or hoping, that a conservative 6–3 Supreme Court with three appointees of Donald Trump will overturn the results of the election and deem him to be re-elected: there is absolutely no chance of that happening, whatsoever. None.

The consensus today is that Biden won. Even some Republicans have congratulated Biden. I’m starting to breathe a little easier now. I’m not a Biden cheerleader, but I find Biden to be a relief from Trump.

I see Trump as a man who has lived a privileged life. His father handed him millions of dollars and yes, Trump turned that leverage into a real estate business. But he is in the monopoly business of real estate. Since he started out rich, he found he could use that leverage with people. He has the power to fire people at will and he does so. He made popular the phrase, “You’re fired!”

A life of privilege doesn’t teach people how to lose and overcome the loss. Trump ran for president and won on the first try. That’s almost pure luck. He was already famous. He already had a persona on TV that people could call familiar. But we really didn’t know him when he ran for office. Over the first year after his election, I found numerous articles about how the GOP never really vetted Trump. As he suffers this loss at the polls, we’re seeing the real Trump at work against the will of the people.

Now that Trump has lost the election, he’s launched an army of lawyers, people who are already rich, people who may or may not share the same interests as the common man, to overturn the election. I can see Trump sporting a top hat, a monocle, and a tux, at the courthouse with a trail of lawyers behind him. In the aftermath of this election, I see a man who is not ready to lose.

Joe Biden has tried many times to run for office. He has lost several bids for president, but he lost graciously. He has lost a son. He has another son with problems with drugs, sex, and business. But Biden ran a steady and cautious campaign. He was not full of bluster. He stayed on point when he spoke out. He kept an even keel. He did not appeal to our emotions as Trump did. Most salesmen appeal to our emotions to make the sale. Biden is pretty boring.

Trump is calling foul because he believes that someone cheated. I think that’s a projection from a man who has cheated others in order to win. Before he won the nomination in 2016, I read the stories about how he cheated contractors out of money. At that time, it was a public record that Trump’s organization had 5,000 mechanics liens against his properties. Those contractors had mouths to feed. They spent many unpaid hours working to get paid after they had made improvements to property owned by the Trump family. To me, Trump is a cheater.

People who cheat are not very good losers, too. People who cheat a system or try to game the system learn how to cheat rather than adapt to the rules and work with them. Before they’re discovered, they’re paranoid. When they’re discovered, they’re indignant. When they lose, going to court seems like a reasonable thing to do for them. Suing is expensive, suing is irreversible, and suing might cause you to have to prove your point in court as a matter of public record.

I see that Trump is stalling on the transition. His administration is not doing the paperwork required to make the transition a smooth one. What a bitter taste. Trump is still sowing doubt about the results and he’s even got the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell on board. The US Attorney General Bill Barr has even issued a memo authorizing investigations with “substantial” evidence. In response to Barr’s memo, the career official running the DOJ branch that oversees such prosecutions stepped down.

Trump and his less than merry band are convinced that there must be a fraud afoot when the GOP won 8 governors mansions (Democrats won 2) and yet Trump still managed to lose. Or maybe the GOP doesn’t like the fact that Chicago and Denver voted to get out from under the internet monopolies that stifle their access to the internet, and still voted for Biden. If they investigate Trump’s votes, they have to investigate *all* the other votes on the same ballot.

To be fair I would have liked to see Trump be a good president. No one wishes for a bad president, unable to lead through a crisis, unable to unite the people, unable to get much of anything done for the people. But this president, the one I know now to be losing the White House, is a sore loser.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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