Dell, each and every one of your paragraphs in your last reply inspire an article in me. That’s just how I am with everyone. I guess I’m just a bit hungry for feedback. So, yes. Your post was long, but it was worth it.

I like the foreign perspective on Cruz. Thanks.

Hillary has some real problems with corruption and that showed through the primaries. The voter purges in New York, the fracas in Arizona and the way she shuffled money around during the primaries were 3 big issues that I took notice of. I do mind that the GOP trashes her, but they don’t trash her for the reasons I am critical of her. I won’t trash her, I just don’t think she was as fit to govern as Sanders was, a point I’m sure we disagree on.

I dislike the TPP because it was about strengthening intellectual property rights and creating an extra-judicial forum for big business. I also disliked the secrecy around the text of the agreement. I doubt there was really very much in favor of the worker in that agreement relative to all the goodies for business.

NAFTA was just a big part of globalization, a neoliberal trade agreement, not a free trade agreement. I opposed NAFTA even when I was a conservative.

I wasn’t critical of Hillary for her speeches at GS because she’s female. I was critical of the money she got for those speeches. That kind of behavior doesn’t say, “I’m with you, workers.”

I agree with you on the cheating and the stealing on the part of the GOP. The funny thing is, when they do that, they lose touch with the voters. If the Democrats were trying to follow the rule of law, I’m fine with that, but I think, based on years of reading, that they were running as GOP-lite and I can point you to ground zero for how that got started:

That’s one long article, but totally worth the time to read it.

I watched Beto in his debate with Cruz and he was amazing. I like him better than Bernie now. Bernie is good, but I think he’s done what he wanted to do. He started a bonfire under the Democrats and now they’re following in his footsteps. Looking back, the one thing I’d like to see Beto do is link the money to corrupting influence in his opponents.

A New Democrat is one who looks for a “Third Way”, which is what the Clintons were doing, and that is what I see as “GOP-lite”. Obama, Clintons and a few other Democrats were all doing it, and that confused the voters for at least 8 years, maybe more.

I like the nordic models, but what I really like about Europe is proportional representation. I think our nation needs that. That would open the door to other parties and keep the two major parties honest.


Let me know what you think.



Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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