Please allow me to respond point by point, beginning with the first one:

Gore would have won the election if the recount were allowed to proceed. See here:

It is also worth noting that Ted Cruz and (now Supreme Court Justice) John Roberts were both on the legal team in opposition to the recount. Those two, in my opinion, were a greater force than Nader in shaping the outcome of the election in 2000.

As to your point that Bernie Sanders got us Trump, I think it’s fair to say that it was Hillary’s job to persuade voters to vote for her. That burden did not rest with Sanders or anyone else. Hillary is also a neoliberal politician, with her tireless promotion of the TPP in evidence as well as her promotion of NAFTA during her husband’s presidency. Her well paid speeches to Wall Street didn’t help her much, either.

As mentioned earlier, the Democrats lost more than 900 seats while Obama was in office. That, more than any other factor gave us Trump and Kavanaugh. When Democrats stop taking big money from elites and entrenched business organizations, they tend to do much better in their elections. Even Beto did something that few guessed he could — he came very close to defeating Ted Cruz.

The link below is about as close as I can get on Obama being a neoliberal, as he identifies himself as a “New Democrat”, meaning one who leans pro-business with conservative economics, and an obvious bias for personal liberty.

I believe that the below link is the original reference you were requesting in your last paragraph:

And finally, I apologize for getting the prefix for your gender wrong. I just naturally assumed that Dell is a name given to males, not females (I was thinking of “Michael Dell”, at the time). I will use more care going forward to get that right. Even then, there is a hazard as I don’t know if it’s “Mrs. Harvey”, “Ms. Harvey” or “Miss Harvey”. Perhaps I am best to just refer to you by your first name. :)

Anyway, I hope you find this information helpful. I really do enjoy a spirited debate. Let me know what you think.



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