Death Threats To Compel A Trump Victory?

“Vote for me if you want to live.” Sounds like Trump.

I’m still reeling from the video I saw of the crowd chanting, “Hang Mike Pence”. I saw a video montage of the violence at the Capitol last Wednesday. I saw the man dressed up in military gear with plastic cuffs, ready to take hostages. I saw the gallows outside the Capitol. Those people…were serious. Trump? He wasn’t even there. It’s almost like he had a premonition about what would happen. What did he say to those at the Capitol? “Go home. We love you.”

The threat of death wasn’t just there, at the Capitol. For months now, Trump supporters have been threatening elected officials in the swing states. I feel for the elected officials in Georgia and the other swing states. Not only did they have to contend with daily news reports of lawsuits seeking to invalidate the results of Joe Biden’s election victory, but they also had something much more personal working against them. I heard that election officials and poll workers were being doxxed, they were being tailed, and they received death threats. Election officials received police and security details to help ensure their safety.

What I find most interesting about the spectacle of the numerous threats being leveled at election officials is this: They’re not new.

Even in 2016, an elector received death threats to change his vote from Trump to Hillary Clinton. Death threats are apparently, bipartisan. I don’t think it matters who is elected, someone will get death threats. This year, it seems that anyone who could reverse Trump’s loss at the polls is subject to death threats, doxxing, and tailing or stalking. Those activities are crimes, and they demonstrate that there are still people in this country who believe that they can use force to change the outcome of an election.

I know, there are people who can’t believe that Joe Biden managed to win without much of a campaign. Maybe that’s because a lot of people made up their own minds already. Maybe a fair majority of Republicans voted for Biden and then voted for their party line down-ballot because they found Trump so unpalatable. That’s not so hard to imagine.

Death threats over an election are not what democracy is about. No one should be making death threats to or harassing election officials who are just doing their jobs. They’re doing what they were paid to do, what the Constitution says they should do, and that includes Mike Pence. I don’t like Mike Pence, but I respect him for doing his job when the time came to complete the count of the electoral votes.

I think we’re better than this. I hear the people spouting gloom and doom about what would happen if Trump were to remain president for another four years. I hear the gloom and doom if Joe Biden were to become president. I would expect that this country is stronger than one president. We have seen much worse and survived. We will survive the pandemic. We will survive one day of insurrection committed by a group of seriously deluded people, who acted out of fear.

The darkest moments in the United States came about because of fear. Fear of the others. Fear of people who are different. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the outcome. Fear that our needs won’t be met. Yeah, that’s what it all comes down to. Will my needs be met?

Despite the pandemonium that is running through the country right now, for the most part, our basic needs are being met. If you’re still filtering air and water, digesting food, and reading this, your basic needs are being met.

I see the fear in the media. Fear is what the media sells. Trump thrives on that media. He had a reality show that ran for 11 years. That’s the media. Trump was playing the media like a fiddle during his campaign for president and for much of his time in the White House. Trump figured out how to thrive on bad news and he did that very well. He had a pretty good run, now he’s done.

He can never walk back the insurrection, the images we all saw, and the chanting. Oh, god, the chanting. If Congress proceeds to impeach him, they won’t do that to get him out of the White House. They will move to impeach to keep Trump from running for any political office in the federal government again. And I hope they succeed.

One other hope I have is that cooler heads will prevail upon American politics. We are stronger than death threats from the mob. We are stronger than the mob. Though I am not a Joe Biden fan, I have resolved to keep my mind open to see what he can do. I’m curious and I just want to see what happens next.

Write on.

Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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