Thanks for your response. I don’t buy their razors, as far as I know. Unless they own Norelco, anyway, interlocking directorates, notwithstanding.

I appreciate the nuance you bring to the discussion. All or some is an important distinction, but I think that in the heat of the argument, if the omission of one word should hasten the response, some people will take it.

When I wrote this article, I wasn’t actually upset at anyone or anybody. I was quite pleased to see this commercial and that was largely the point of my original article.

As to motives, well, I’m not sure we can read their minds at Gillette. I may be leery of government *or* corporations preaching morality, like you, but I saw that commercial as a positive development. I think we have common ground here. I also think it’s fair to say that corporations are a form of governance, if not government, and I often wonder whether people prefer their regulation to be public or private.

I’m glad we found some common ground in that we both see value, even a little bit of production value, in Gillette’s commercial. I have enjoyed our correspondence and look forward to reading your comments again.

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