Biden won. I’m Starting To Calm Down.

A new reality is setting in. I can breathe freely, too. I’m ready to see government work again.



I have to admit that most of the time, I’m stoic. I don't really get too emotional over things. But now that the election has been called for Joe Biden, I’m just beginning to notice how stressed out I was with Donald Trump as president. Trump is still president, and litigation is still pending, votes are still being counted, but the oddsmakers are very confident that there is no route for Trump to win. They are so confident that Biden won, that they called the election yesterday.

I was especially glad to see that I was wrong on one point: that the Supreme Court might step in to hand Trump a victory for one reason or another:

That’s from the Twitter account of the blog for the Supreme Court of the United States. Their statement is very clear. They aren’t going to get involved in a political question.

I watched Biden’s speech last night. I saw the people whooping and hollering. I saw them dancing, celebrating like this is a time for meaningful change. I certainly hope this is a sign of a change for the better.