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A Democracy is Not a Choice Between Trump and Biden

Crappy candidates are a sure sign that we’re not living in a democracy.

6 min readFeb 19, 2024


If I don't look beyond the two dominant parties in America, I have two problems. I have a former president with 4 indictments. That means he has 4 criminal complaints filed against him. I have another candidate who could be charged with crimes, but he’s too senile to know what he was doing. I often wonder if he’s at the helm, who is running the country?

This is the power of our two dominant parties. They are so confident of their power, they can select and promote two old men, long past their prime age of productivity, and offer them up to us to vote on, as if there are no better alternatives out of 330 million people living in America today.

Biden spent 47 years in Congress helping to rig the economy for the wealthy, selling influence and getting rich. Trump gave money to both parties because “that’s how you get things done.” They are both well aware of, and play the influence game. Both of them have another problem. They both act like it's really important to make changes today, despite more than 40 years of activity that say otherwise.

So I see a certain smugness in the faces of the elites, you know, the dependent billionaire class. Like they’ve made some sort…