A Dearth Of Policy Concessions For Sanders Suggests That Joe Biden Doesn’t Need Any Help From Sanders’ Supporters

Exit poll disparities with election results, coordinated endorsements, one-sided media bias, a pile of uncounted ballots, and long lines at the polls all prove it.

In recent days, I’ve had interactions with Joe Biden supporters who are in the happy disposition of pleading with Sanders supporters like me to admit defeat, fall in line and vote for Joe Biden. I find it ironic that after winning 9 of 14 states in a walk on the first Super Tuesday, that Biden supporters should suddenly feel so vulnerable that they would need to ask us Sanders supporters for our help.

I really don’t understand the situation. They have a long spring and summer of primary elections ahead of them, and they shine with bright confidence that Biden will clean up in the remaining states. Yet, there I was on Twitter, being scolded for even thinking of voting Green or writing in Sanders if Biden should win the nomination. I was told that it’s a fact that if I vote for anybody but Biden, I’m effectively voting for Trump.

But just like in 2016, I am seeing discrepancies in the election results and the exit polls. Greg Palast did some great work then and he continues to do the same work now, pointing out the gaps between exit polls and the election results. Someone else was kind enough to do the math for a few of the election results and found an 11 point negative bias against Sanders. Huh.

Then I saw some screenshots of election results when in the span of a couple of minutes, Bernie had fewer votes than the previous two minutes in Michigan. I’d seen something like this before in 2016. How is it that the number of counted votes falls for Sanders during an election? Check out the screenshot below.

Then I see that by at least one estimate, the so-called “liberal media” went 3 times more negative against Bernie Sanders than Joe Biden. You know, on Twitter I see Don Trump, Jr. complain day and night about the liberal media bias against him and his conservative friends. Oddly, he hasn’t said much about the media bias against Bernie Sanders. I guess he’s only worried about media bias against his dad. And his father openly goads the DNC for the way “they’re stealing the nomination from Bernie”, yet Trump is not launching any investigations into it.

I also recall a lawsuit years ago in which the court said, “To the extent Plaintiffs wish to air their general grievances with the DNC or its candidate selection process, their redress is through the ballot box, the DNC’s internal workings, or their right of free speech — not through the judiciary.”. Wow. The DNC, in their glorified wisdom, has the power to tell the rest of us who to vote for. How cool is that?

So when I put all that together, I reach one inescapable conclusion: Joe Biden doesn’t need the votes of Sanders supporters. If Biden is looking for more votes, he can reach across the aisle and ask his conservative pals who helped elect Trump. I mean, since he helped to create the conditions that gave rise to Trump, then he certainly doesn’t need my vote. He needs votes from Trump supporters, not me. Isn’t that the point of nominating a centrist like Biden?

But if Biden really felt like he needs my vote, he might have called out the media for their obvious bias against Sanders. He could call out the various Democratic Parties in the states for their efforts to minimize Bernie’s impact on the election results with their long lines and pathetic voting machine errors. He could ask them nicely to be sure that all the ballots are counted. He could ask for an audit to explain the glaring disparities between the exit polls and the election results. He could ask for more polling places and fewer voter purges.

But I don’t see that happening. I guess Joe Biden will have enough votes to win it after all. I think the message I get from Joe and his allies is, “It’s in the bag”.

As if to reinforce all of this, every candidate who dropped out within days of the first Super Tuesday vote promptly endorsed Biden. That speaks volumes about who these people are. It was like synchronized swimming. And it was eerie. The implied message from all these endorsements is that “nobody likes Bernie” and that Bernie is a “loser”.

And I remember how nice those people were on Tuesday night this week. They were trying to console Sanders’ supporters for their loss. They were gently encouraging us to go quietly in the night. They wanted us to accept their reality that with less than half the delegates needed to win, that Biden had already won. They wanted us to eat dog food, swallow it, and vote for Biden. They could not hide their gloating. They could not resist rubbing it in. They must not need my vote in November.

Yet despite all of that, I heard nothing but, “If you’re going to write him in, then you can expect another 4 years of Trump. And we can blame you for that!” Well, of course you can blame me for that. That’s very convenient. That’s very generous of you. And that still says you really don’t need my vote. Maybe you need a better candidate.

Do I hear any offers of concessions? You know like, “If we give you the Green New Deal, will you please shut up already and vote for Biden? Pretty please?” What they won’t say is, “Don’t worry, we won’t really give you the Green New Deal, that’s just so pie in the sky. But we have to at least make a showing, you know, because we have to look like we need your vote, we want your vote, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you to line up behind Biden. Now smile for the cameras and vote for Biden!”

You see, Biden has at least 60 billionaire donors to protect. His fragile little brain and ego are vulnerable to the demands of billionaires, especially after he took their money. I mean, that’s how the gift economy works, right? If I take your money, I have a reciprocal obligation. That impulse is hardwired into humanity. That impulse, to reciprocate gifts is essential for our mutual survival. We used it before we had money. Now we have money and still, there it is, shining a light on all of Joe Biden’s friends in high places.

So no matter what Biden says on his “go.joebiden.com” website, in the back of his mind, and those of his inner circle of campaign officers and eventual cabinet secretaries and ambassadors, they will be thinking of those billionaires first. That big money commands big attention. That big money commands priority and access. That big money is aristocracy speaking. Just ask Jamie Dimon.

The rest of us are just a second thought. And that assumes that Biden can remember his line of reasoning. I also think his state of mind is very convenient. I can see Mike Bloomberg standing next to him at the New York Stock Exchange as Biden gives a speech, and giving Biden an elbow…”Speed it up, Joe.” Then Biden rings the bell, right on time. Yeah. I can totally see that happening in our near future.

So this sounds like the perfect opening for a running mate that we thought we were done with. If Mike Bloomberg can endorse Joe Biden after blowing a quarter of a billion on self-congratulatory, anti-Trump and anti-Sanders ads, surely Hillary Clinton can appear out of nowhere to run for Vice President. I can hear her voice two years into Joe’s term as president when the jig is up and they finally go public that he’s been diagnosed with dementia. And then Hillary says, “It’s my turn.”

Sure. I’m speculating about Clinton, but we didn’t believe that Donald Trump could win, either. He won. Stranger things have been known to happen.

If Biden wins the nomination, then the third time’s the charm, right? But Trump, and an enormous right-wing media machine, will be looking at every nuance of Biden’s behavior, from his speeches to his gaffes and every time his wife and sister forget to stand on the blocking tape on the floor. If Biden is the nominee, I’m not sure they will be able to hide his cognitive decline all the time.

And after all that, I will stand by, fully confident that Biden doesn’t need my vote. After all the election rigging, the bias in the media, all the gaffes that somehow fail to register with Biden’s supporters, I can rest assured that Biden is going to win without my vote. His supporters in the media, in the polling places, and Twitter and Facebook all tell me he’s going to win. And they tell me he needs my vote.

Well, if Biden really needs my vote, then he needs to get all of his supporters on board with Medicare For All. That would be a rational response to the coronavirus pandemic. He needs to get serious about the Green New Deal and stop saying that it’s pie in the sky. He needs to get serious about infrastructure to the tune of at least 2% GDP. His billionaire friends can keep their money if that’s more important to them than the health of the planet and the people on it. But if Biden wants my vote, he will need to make concessions that a Berner can feel. And he needs to make that real.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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