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A CBS Documentary Claims 70% of Arms Sent to Ukraine May Have Been Lost

And an American mercenary says, “Who cares?”

3 min readAug 8, 2022


Boy did they take that down in a hurry. The video below was a great documentary on the present state of weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

It’s not on YouTube, and it’s not on CBS, either. Maybe my search bubble has failed me.

We are dumping tons of weapons in Ukraine and a CBS documentary tells us from a source with boots on the ground that only 30% of deliveries can be verified. The video above was there only yesterday. I watched it.

In that video, Andy Milburn, founder of the Mozart Group, what could best be described as a private mercenary operation, had this to say about the missing weapons:

“I don’t care at all if that happens. That happens in every war.”

I’m sure they’re in the process of cleaning up because I still found this video on YouTube, which is a preview of the full documentary:

Maybe they’re editing the documentary so as not to inflame lawmakers, it’s hard to tell. But this story goes far against the narrative of the good nature of the help we’re sending to Ukraine.

Oh, they ARE editing. From MSN, 2 hours ago as of this writing, “CBS partially retracts documentary that outraged Ukraine by claiming that US weapon shipments were going missing”:

CBS said it was updating a documentary that said most weapons sent to Ukraine don’t reach the front.

It admitted that a figure it cited claiming only 30% of military aid arrives was out of date.

The documentary angered some in the Ukrainian government. CBS said it was adding “new information.”