There is a lot of talk about access, so very little talk about increasing the supply of doctors and health care devices.

It’s open enrollment time, and as I worked on my forms for open enrollment, I took note of the differences in costs for each health care insurance plan. Yes, I have a day job, and as I surveyed the plans offered by my employer, I found that there were only two plans offered this year. Your employer may offer more.

I see that there is a PPO insurance plan, which is traditional insurance that most of us are familiar with. With a PPO, we have in-network and out of network providers with their corresponding costs. We have the discouragement enhancing…

Einstein wasn’t kidding when he said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

I woke up this morning in the dark, noticing that I could see the fire alarm on the ceiling in far greater detail. Only a week ago, I recall seeing only the pale green dot that was the alarm test button. Now I see that dot plus a halo of green light around that dot where the light from the LED shines under the base of the fire alarm. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been eating carrot sticks for snacks, and it shows. I was not just imagining things.

I woke up this morning thinking about Einstein again…

We choose our adversaries or friends with food.

When I first met my wife, I was a vegetarian. We agreed to be vegetarian upon her arrival from Vietnam. But a few months into it, I think even before our formal marriage, she said she couldn’t stay veggie. I was more than a little miffed, but I decided I could look past that. I was in middle age and my options were decreasing rapidly. We’re still together 13 years later.

During that time, I thought, well, if she wants me to eat meat, then I’m going to eat what I want. I’ll eat chocolate, I’ll eat chips, and I’ll…

The struggle is not against communism. The struggle is against a system that refuses to invest in a future for all of us.

Tom Cotton is on a crusade against China. Donald Trump was on a crusade against China. I’m sure we could find a few others on similar crusades against what is apparently the largest or second-largest economy in the world, without any real examination of what they are doing over there.

As far as I know, China is still a communist country. Yes, they have adopted some elements of market capitalism, but they are still a communist country. They still put bankers to death when they cheat the system. They are investigating Jack Ma’s Alibaba for monopoly practices. I note with…

Presume ignorance before malice. Don’t take it personally.

I am hopeful that our country has an awakening from the last four years. I see both sides pointing out malice in each other in nearly every dispute. The liberals claim to see malice in the conservatives and vice versa. Liberals claim to see malice in Trump supporters and Trump supporters claim to see malice in the actions of liberals. What is missing from the political discourse is that everyone is really doing the best they can. There are no exceptions in any venue, on any scale. I believe that if we all could do better, we would.

I have…

…are not that far removed from pangs of regret, just much better.

I have been experiencing pangs of happiness lately. I can feel it in my gut. It is a very similar sensation to pangs of regret I’ve had in the past. They both have the same kind of buzz in the gut, too, but pangs of happiness are a lot more pleasant than pangs of regret. I think I can attribute the way I’m feeling today to the way I have been directing my attention.

There was a time in the distant past when I was focused so much on what I didn’t have. I was also focused on what other…

You know resources aren’t being allocated efficiently when your power grid fails.

They tell us in school that capitalism has pulled millions, no, billions of people, out of poverty. They say that capitalism is the most efficient economic system for allocating scarce resources. Well, electricity is pretty scarce. In Texas.

For days now, I’ve been reading the headlines and articles about the fairly Red State of Texas. Poor, poor Texas. Home to billionaires, millionaires, and some very poor people. And now, the power grid has failed them in some very cold weather that some very smart people just couldn’t see coming. It’s kind of like the way Larry Summers missed an $8…

Life is a parade of problems that solve themselves.

Yesterday, I had to run errands after work. So I loaded up my car with stuff to return to Amazon, but the car wouldn’t start. I knew what had happened, my kids had been playing with the dome light switch and they left it in the wrong position. So for a week, the dome light had been draining the battery, and now, the battery was really dead.

Out came the jumper cables, out came my younger daughter, ready to help. I asked her to go back inside the house because hooking up two batteries for charging can be dangerous. Batteries…

Hey, thanks for your response. I have also found The Acid Watcher's Diet and am currently reading and trying that one. I just put up a new article touching on that one today.

A visitor, a surgery, a change in diet, and a break at work.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve been working ten hours a day. I hosted my mom at my home last week. I’ve been confronted with a need to change my diet. All of this has left me with not much energy to write. The landscape is shifting but the ground is still there. I’m still standing. But there are only so many hours in a day, and every decision requires a discrete amount of energy. Whatever energy I had used for work, visitors, and adapting to a new diet, could not be spent writing. …


Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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