I will drop my ballot off with hope.

I’ve seen enough. I don’t even need to watch the debates. I could, but hearing impaired so I’d rather read transcripts and analysis. I’ve seen enough of what Trump has done. I’ve read enough about Trump. I hear Trump is already planning to run again in 2024, which means he thinks he might lose this time. Now that would be something.

I’ve seen enough of how a showman with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame handles a pandemic. I’ve seen enough of tax breaks that do nothing for our economy except hand more money to billionaires during a recession. I’ve seen the hypocrisy of the GOP on filling up vancant seats in the Supreme Court. I’ve seen the raw power of the United States Senate bandied about like a weapon by the GOP during an election year when they said that it was not appropriate to confirm a justice in an election year as they said in 2016. …

…indictments would have flown a long time ago.

Ever since the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s email and his apparent crimes, I’ve noticed something. No mas. No court filings, no indictments, no perp walks, nothing. Just a lot of puffery in the court of public opinion.

Maybe it would be bad form to file charges against Hunter or Joe Biden during a hotly contested election. They must be really afraid of something, but so far, it’s not clear what anyone in the DOJ would be afraid of. Maybe they just lack evidence. Maybe they’re hoping to keep their jobs if Trump loses.

Maybe Trump knows that making threats is better than suing. Prosecution is expensive. Prosecution is irreversible. And a criminal trial might force them to come up with the evidence to prove what they were saying in the first place, during an election year. I suppose the last thing they want is to go to trial, lose in court, and then have to explain that to voters just before an election. …

Donald Trump wants to share a Perry Mason Moment with us.

The news cycle is ablaze with accusations of social media bias. The New York Post released an unverified email purporting to show that Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, engaged in corrupt activities. The conservative right-wing of America is really, really upset that Facebook and Twitter have limited the sharing of that article.

I have to wonder what the Trump campaign is thinking. So after 8 months of a very poorly handled pandemic, the Trump campaign would like to change my mind about Joe Biden with some unverified evidence? Can anyone verify that the laptop they claim to have belonged to Hunter Biden really prove that it was his? …

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