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80 Countries That Can’t Stop Russia

They came for the plush hotel and the gourmet food. They needed a safe place to tell us that Russia is bad.

6 min readJun 17, 2024


The Ukraine Summit in Switzerland is all over the news. The news we’re supposed to consume is that 78 countries agreed on a statement that says Russia is bad. That joint statement also issues a plea for peace. I’m not kidding about the word, “plea”:

Interestingly, I could not find an exact number of countries that sent delegates to the shindig. If you find that number, send it to me with reference in the comments. I could only find phrases that hinted at the actual number, without telling us the actual number. From DW:

The Swiss-hosted summit gathering more than 90 countries for talks on how to bring peace to Ukraine was “significant” — despite some African, Asian and Latin American leaders steering clear, Ireland’s Prime Minister Simon Harris told DW.

More than 90 countries, huh? Here is CNN:

More than 100 countries and organizations gathered at an idyllic lakeside resort near Lucerne to drum up support for the 10-point peace plan…